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I think a lot of yall tend to jump to conclusions about a players mental fortitude way to early! Bonner didn't show up in the playoffs for a few seasons... ok, so what? Hes not an experienced playoff veteran, not even a starter. is it that big of a surprise that the big lights were shining in his eyes the first few years? maybe this should be more the expectation, that players WONT light up the playoffs in their first couple tries... If some players do, that's great! but there aren't many players who light it up as role players in their first and second trips to the playoffs. This goes for Danny Green too. He hasn't done much this year or last year but he plays solid defense and puts in the effort. is it really that off to expect these guys to shrink a little... at first? Isnt that always one of the things people say makes a great player great, the fact that they don't shrink in the spotlight... so is it fair to put the same expectations on players that nobody has ever called "great"? I don't think it is... it would appear that Bonner is starting to get more comfortable with the added pressure and intensity of the playoffs, give Green a little more time, he will come around.
Perhaps someone could answer this for me though... why is Blair playing ahead of Baynes? I know blair is better on offense and knows the system but he cant guard any of the lakers, and this series he has yet to produce anything on offense, at least baynes can stop howard and pau from getting deep post position and if he fouls can prevent howard from muscling through his bear hugging arms to still make a layup.
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