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Agreed. The guy is just an overrated punk. First off, im tired of NBA analysts always comparing him to DRob... just because they have similar builds does not make them similar! Dhoward has no outside post game, not even much of an inside post game. He is simply Phoenix Suns Amare S. all over again. hes an athletic big who can dunk and play good help defense when he decides to try. He is an exceptionally overrated defender as he is constantly beaten to the basket by average offensive players. he makes a name for himself helping on smaller players who are driving and don't see him coming. Also is a big fan of the goal tend... Also nowhere near the athlete D.Rob was...
But the thing that makes me hate him more then anything is how whenever he does something good, he screams or flexes his muscles or something to draw attention to the fact that he indeed does not totally suck. I love that he is so far being outplayed by a guy 50 years older then him and half as athletic.
playing against these types of players and beating them is one of the reasons I love being a Spurs fan... winning without class just doesn't feel as good... losing without class must be terrible, at least as long as Pop and Tim are around we wont ever know what that's like...
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