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Originally Posted by esparzar1 View Post
I see where you're coming from. You have to remember that it's the playoffs, everyone should be stepping their game/intensity up to some degree. There has been 16 games played so far and I beleive only 3 real big blowouts (1st Nets game, 1st Mia game, 1st OKC game) the rest of the games have been somewhat close or were close for at least 3 quarters or so. You're not gonna get those huge blowouts on a nightly basis. Espically in the playoffs. Even with a depleted LAL team, they're fighting for their lives so you're gonna get a scrappy team every game.

What I'm seeing is better ball movement, role players stepping up to hit shots and more intensity. Game one, the Spurs played like crap, but their defense saved them. Holding any team to 79 points, reagrardless of your competetion is good. That's only 20 pts per quarter.

The second game, I thought the Lakers actually played very well. Blake/Nash/Howard/Gasol all had their moments, they hit alot of 3's(8) but anytime they really tried to make a push the Spurs understood what they needed to do and they basically had a firm grasp from start to finish. Someone from the Spurs (TP, Cojo, Kawhi. Manu, Bonner) would make a big play and crush all of the Lakers momentum. This is what championship teams do! My point and opinion is that I'm seeing more of what the Spurs did during the first 3 months of the regular season. Of course they're not "firing on all cylinders" just yet. But I beleive they're well on their way!
I agree with what you are saying. They are undoubtedly playing better than they did for the last month of the regular season but to me, like you have said, they still havent gotten back to playing as well as they did early in the season.
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