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Originally Posted by mckennaspur1 View Post
Spurs aren't on all cylinders yet. Manu's minutes must be closely monitored, and TP still looks a step slow. Danny Green has yet to show up, and Diaw is out. The Lakers are a mess in this round, but the road will get tougher for SA.

Hopefully a quick close-out in LA will give the wounded Spurs time to recover before Round 2.

I was just gonna say that about Green, he has been playing terrible. We need him to spread the floor and hit his open 3's.

All things being equal, I think we got the easier road to the WCF's, it seems to me that OKC is going to have a tough time getting past the clippers. And with the nuggets inexperience (or the warriors for that matter) I think the road is looking nice to get back there. At least I can hope right?
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