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Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
I agree Bonner shouldn't a scapegoat. I never blame him for losses. I do however point out when he doesn't do the only thing that he is good at, and that is often. I agree with everyone that game 1 he was a contributor and I loved his hustle.

Regarding his defense on Howard, I also agree that Howard does that to most people. However, that's Bonner's defense on pretty much anyone. I understand he tries, but the fact is he isn't a good defender nor is he particularly strong. I hope Bonner tears it up on both ends and proves me wrong. I definitely wont be hopping on the bandwagon after one game though. Go Spurs.
I've been meaning to point this out, but that was Brent Barry on that last shot, not Bonner. And it's not like everyone else in the league is a shot blocker and Bonner is the only one who isn't. He is consistently in front of his man with his arms up making the shot as difficult as possible. He doesn't do the matador defense with the last second arm reach that usually results in a foul.
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