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I don't think people realize the cause and effect of basketball. All the guys like Horry, Finley, Kerr, etc., had a championship team in its prime. They had guys that would draw in defenses from the 3pt line, giving them an open shot. The game winning shot in Game 5 of the Finals against Detroit, Rasheed left Horry to double Manu. Kerr was always open because teams had to contend with Manu and Tim, and Jordan and Pippen before that. At this point, teams are living with Tim having a good game while being guarded man to man, as long as they keep Tony out of the paint. As bigdon just pointed out, Green started going downhill when Tony went down. Now the Lakers are basically intimidating Tony into trying a bunch of jumpers and making it difficult to run the Spurs offense.

My point to all this was, defenses get stingy at the 3pt line in the playoffs, and if there is nothing to draw defenders away from the 3pt line, there aren't a lot of open opportunities. I guess Bonner could force shots up more, but then everyone would get pissed about that too. Don't worry though, once Diaw comes back Bonner will go back to the bench anyway.
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