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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
I came in here to say just this! Yes defenses change and get tighter but these guys seemed to be able to handle it for some reason? It's call that IT factor I call it, some have it and some do not in the playoffs. You would think with D's being different all numbers would fall off, but some raise the level of their game when the real season begins and those are the ones I want on our team. Green is just like Bonner IMO, if his shot is off he is completely useless out there..

Good game one by Bonner no doubt! If he can keep that up cool! I will not count on it though.
Green's best stretch of the year around the all-star break coincided with the best the Spurs looked this year. He slumped right around the time Parker went out and the Spurs haven't looked right since. Going back to last year's playoffs, Green looked good during the 20 game streak then slumped big time in the 4 losses to OKC.

My theory is that Parker's dribble penetration creates havoc for opposing defenses. Green gets wide open shots, that he makes, as the defense tries to rotate, but when Parker is out or is contained by a good one on one defender, like Sefalosha, Green becomes infective.
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