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Timmy my thing has never been that he needs to be lauded as a big 4 part of this team I have more just thought that for $3.6 mill we are getting our moneys worth.

It was just one game when it comes to the playoffs but lets see what he is able to do next, rather than this eternal rubbishing and over expectation of a low paid player.

His defence has picked up this year and so has his rebounding so he not just a gun for hire, he knows the defensive system and his part in it. Dwight Howard is going to over power most players so that is a bad example of him not defending, I think he did well making Howard work and go to the free throw line by fouling when he could (and he made those fouls count by not letting him get a shot off).

The Red Mamba is doing whats asked of him even to a lesser degree his playoff 3 point % which isn't as bad as suggested being a drop from 41% to 33%. Then his scoring per 18 minutes reg season has been 6.5 (rebounds 3) and then his average per 13 minutes in the playoffs has been 3.4 (rebounds 2), so in 5 less per game he is one 3 pointer and one rebound down.

People look for a scape goat and he has been it but I think there are more telling factors to losses than a bench player and even then the so called dissapearance isn't as dramatic as we are being led to believe.
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