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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
If Manu stays to form, he'll have a subpar game on Wed. Hopefully KY will step up a little more. Realistically, we can't expect Manu to play this way every game in the playoffs.
Agreed. Don't get me wrong, anything we get out of Manu is a plus! He looked a lot better but it's only one game, I really hope he keeps it up but I'm not holding my breath.

Kawhi, had an okay game (8pts, 11 rebs) and I'm sure he will only get better as the series goes on. He's bascially had mettaworldpeace on him for both offense/deffense which is no small task. Artest is a huge SF and a very good defender still. It's a great test for Kawhi. Artest is probably the closest to LBJ (body type wise) that Kahwi will see in the playoffs. Anyways, it's a good sign from Manu and hopefully he will keep it up
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