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Thanks to YOU Mr. pjm!!! You ROCK Man!

And no question Special Thanks to all who posted those Game Threads in the regular season Especially alh1020 .
There had been some ups and downs for so many who participated but at the end...
Here we are all ready to ROCK ON!!!

Let the REAL GAMES start with the PO Edition! And My Spurs Get to the PO MODE with all their FULL ATTENTION and FOCUS!

Bring it Baby! This is the Motto this PO!!
Rock on! :applause

GAME FACE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And ......GRIND IT...SPURS WAY or NO WAY!!!!!!:applause
Shift those GEARS to PO please! RISE UP~!

Go Spurs Go! :drummer:drummer:drummer

Apr 20th

Boston @ New York
Golden State @ Denver
Chicago @ Brooklyn
Memphis @ LA Clippers

Apr 21st

Atlanta @ Indiana
LA Lakers @ San Antonio GO MY SPURS GO!!ONE of 16 wins to come!!!!Spurs all the way!!!!:applause
Milwaukee @ Miami
Houston @ Oklahoma
Go Spurs Go!

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