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Pick the Winners Game - Playoffs Edition - Apr 20th & 21st

Final Standings

First of all, thanks once again to everyone taking part in this game!!!

And I want to have a special THANKS for alh1020 that helped a lot with starting the daily threads to keep the game going s

Hope all of you are getting ready for the Playoffs Edition now

As I mentioned before, the top 15 players in the rankings will be eligible to take part in the Playoffs Edition. The format will be the same as in the Regular Season with the first tiebreaker being Percentage and the second tiebreaker being Regular Season total picks.

Here are the games for the upcoming weekend.

Apr 20th

Boston @ New York
Golden State @ Denver
Chicago @ Brooklyn
Memphis @ LA Clippers

Apr 21st

Atlanta @ Indiana
LA Lakers @ San Antonio
Milwaukee @ Miami
Houston @ Oklahoma
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