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Originally Posted by TRUTH View Post
Never making it out of a first round series his entire career, I'd say that's some famous folding. Though it is a little different this time around since he had to carry most of the load for the Magic and the Rockets. If he can help spark the bench and prevent any slippage between the first and second units, then this would be a great signing. It's going to be a little difficult getting him up to speed with the team system, so I'm not sure how much he can actually contribute. Help stop the bleeding T-Mac!
Ignoring the Atl playoffs where he had low minutes he averaged nearly 17 per in his first year and then 30 per for the remaining 6 playoff appearances..... so I would not call that him personally folding.

Either way in last years playoffs he averaged the same S Jax averaged this year so the only thing we lost was a locker room issue.

And I think the player Jax was not going to be told was better was Kawhi not a replacement as then there would be no issue as he is already gone.
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