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Originally Posted by SleepyAdamII View Post
Did we waive Jackson knowing we had McGrady in the wings?
Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
No doubt in my feeble mind.
i don't think so, from the start anyway. just my 2 cents.

Jackson posted an Instagram message about him being better than someone and he wouldn't say he wasn't if he didn't think so.

i do think the Spurs were planning on bringing in T-Mac because he got his Chinese league clearance today so it must have been in the works for a while.

i think the Spurs were probably going to waive Blair and Jackson most likely didn't want to share backup minutes with T-Mac. that to me makes sense because Blair wouldn't have been playoff eligible after his waiving.

once Jax threw a fit, the Spurs decided to keep Blair and waive him instead. it's a shame since Diaw got hurt and Jax could've played backup 4 and been on the court with McGrady.

just my 2 cents anyway.
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