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As promised

Scores updated through Apr 15th

Usually I would put a cap of 300 attempted picks to get into the Playoffs Edition of the game, but this time I think the two players that are above 100 but below 300 have shown enough interest in the game to be eligible to go on to the Playoffs Edition. If anyone of the 13 players that have more than 300 attepmted picks disagree with this, please let me know ASAP.

I'll be waiting for a message from the first 15 players in the rankings to confirm they are interested in participating in the Playoffs Edition of the game.

Once I get those confirmations we will have the First Round of the Playoffs Edition with the same format as the regular season and the best 8 of the round will go on to the Second Round where a head to head format will be used.

Any comments, concerns, trash talking, etc., feel free to post it in this thread.
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