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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
My biggest concern is that Tony hasn't looked at all like his midseason self for awhile. Also, Manu is going to have to get in game shape during the playoffs, Tiago is softer at this time of year, KY seems more reluctant to be aggressive and Diaw won't be there for the first round. It certainly isn't Stephen Jackson.

For me it is all about Tony Parker. He has to dominate if we are going to go very far. Tony Parker is the leader of the team. When our offense is struggling, he needs to be the one to make that play to turn things around. If we get to the 4th quarter, and Pop feels like we need to start dumping it into Tim in the low post, we are done. If we need someone to score one basket, and Pop feels that Manu at the top of the key is our best option, we are finished.

It is all about Tony Parker.
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