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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
Why are folks acting like this is the end of the season? Yeah he brought a certain edge to the team, but the reality is he didn't contribute that much this year.

Now if everyone is thinking that during the playoffs he was suddenly going to become 29 and a stud and save the day, well I have some ocean front property just outside of Phoenix I'd like to talk to you about.

The playoff success of the Spurs depends on Tim, Kawhi and Tony with an assist from Green and Tiago. It was NEVER going to depend on SJax.
YES, he could have hit a big shot or two and played some D, but like you said he was not going to make or break the team this year, the problems they have had or are having now would still be there if he was here. We don't have a backup SF though so they are very short there, thats the thing that really bothers me.

If they were going to win it all this year though or fall flat on their face early on, it would not have been his fault nor his doing that won them the title! He was not playing well this year as you said so no he was not going to make some huge impact and lift this team to a title when his shooting was woahful this year.

I don't think they are going to win a title this year nor have thought that for a while, this before he had a bad season and way before they waived him, just my opinion.
Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
I doubt Joseph is included although I wish he was because of his speed and defense compared to the other guards mentioned. They likely shorten the rotation for the playoffs. I have seen them use Blair, Bonner and either Splitter or Diaw on the court at the same time..

To be honest, I don't see a satisfactory solution. This is playoff basketball and you need to be properly manned and the Spurs are not.
Lets be quite honest right now, doubt the way things are going that this team is going anywhere this year unless some kind of revelations happen. I agree with what you said here.
Win or lose this is a game -
You could let it pick your brain for weeks and months, just replay it over and over, won't do you any good at all. When someone loses a loved one and they do that it only brings forth anguish. I feel acceptance is sometimes the key, it happened, now you have to react to it. Giving up is not an option.

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