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"I feel frustrated" - Manu, not me... lol

Translated from here: "Me siento frustrado" | Olé

Ginobili, hand in hand with Olé, admits that injuries have it wrong: "It is a moment of vulnerability." But not resigned: "I remain in the race for the most important part."

Emanuel Ginobili enters the room assigned by the press officer of San Antonio, Tom James, looking sad. It is the maximum expression of fragility that is discovered in these days of frustration in which a new injury, erased it from the remainder of the regular season. The room is huge and empty. There are only two chairs. "Just try it", says when he proposes to postpone the interview. And the adventure is released.

Never allow your emotional cracks seep into public appearances, however, small details Please assign-unintentionally-to the word spontaneous, temperamental response. "I do not care about the injuries as well to reach the playoffs. But the current situation swells eggs because I'm going to be very fair. We'll see how it evolved, "heads-up boots with Olé .

- Is the topic of injuries rushes you thoughts on the future?

And ... Sometimes, when one is wrong, think anything. It's true. But when you spend ten days and begins to evolve in recovery, everything returns to normal. So now I know that I have to hurry not to say anything weird because I can repent later. You have ups and downs like everyone else. Moments of euphoria and vulnerability. This is from vulnerability. The ideal is not to notice when you're injured, haha.

-Some time ago afirmabas on your site that you were a rational person for virtually everything. Well, what annoys you?

-I am impatient lot. I am picky and perfectionist. When things do not go as I hope, I go a little crazy. But I have the virtue of knowing up line. As much as there are times that I was out of hand, as now. And I have made clear that I am doing my best to get ahead. I try to be professional and take care of my body as I can. It's just a rough patch. I can not help. It's part of an athlete's life.

-At one point it shows resigned ...

-Is that so, sometimes things happen that are beyond the controllable. What do you want me to say? I feel frustrated ...

- Do you keep the idea of ​​playing two more years?

-Sports Motivational'll have forever. But do not think I can physically get to the 40 years in business. Then if I feel the Grant Hill, well, I'll see. At one point it seemed that, at age 31, had not played more and yet now, with 40 still in the NBA. My intention, as I stated recently, is to follow two more seasons. However, it all depends on the body's response.

- What if your continuity Spurs rethinks the franchise? Can that happen?

And yes, you can analyze.

- And that worries you, I am sorry, you dislike?

- (Think). I think, if I want to keep playing, I'll find a job.

-Viewing cases like Scola or other players who have had the misfortune of falling into bad teams, do you recognize as a lucky person?

-Totally. You can always be worse. You can be injured or depressed, but if you look around, you'll always find one that is more serious. Guys who have to lose a year, they have to eat full seasons in franchise **** that do not win, you have coaches bad ... I can not complain about anything. Yes, I'm having a tough year, I'm annoyed, I fail regularly. But if you look closely, I played 60 games. And I'm still in the race for the important part.

-At least it shows content in the group ...

-It's a great group, yes. We are many foreign players and we have good chemistry. We gathered more than usual. He trained a cadre of good people pulling forward. That has permitted, especially on the road, I do not so heavy season.

- What was the type of life that focused solely on the game and raised their level of concentration limits unreasonable?

- (It takes a while). What changed, perhaps, is the before and after games, in for no. I can afford, for the amount of games I have over a halftime boludear more than they did before. Or not followed to the letter a routine before a game. While you can ask him to my wife, I still respect him quite closely. But my essence is intact. I play a dog face. Forever. In parties do not laugh, do not joke, I do not get. I want to win. If we're up by 15 points and I was not to end up hot, like when I was a kid.

- And what you relajaste?

-I relaxed in the sense that I have 35 years and a thousand games in the back. It took just a game 74 of the regular season, at this age, that one with the national team, with 22 years. Some things change.

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