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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Can't wait to see WilltheThrill's thoughts on this. Jack was expendable and didn't bring much to the table. I'm pretty sure he's getting antsy over his extension.
Yeah were you saying that during the playoffs last season on him bringing nothing????? Captain Jack has had a bad year no doubt but you want to keep RJ for 11 million plus next year instead?? Nobody is with you on that one brother even after today's news. Look I said they needed an edge and I used SJax as an example and predicted his trade here for RJ as a logical move. You and everybody else on here said it would never happen. It did. I won either way because it DID happen in reality. I said the Warriors made the deal because of the conditional first rounder. The Spurs main reason was to get rid of RJ and his contract that was one year longer and a guy who could actually understand the system unlike RJ. Both teams got their objectives done. I even said the main reason for the trade for the Spurs was for salary cap flexibility in 2013. Look at all their free agents this summer which doesn't include your precious little Red Rocket having a team buyout option.(mark this they will trade him or exercise that option this summer on him) I also said that if for any reason they re-signed SJax it would have been for a much lower amount since he is 35 now. Now they can play Kawhi 40 plus minutes and have SJax's salary off the books this summer. So it sucks they didn't use his salary to trade him but I guess they really coveted the salary cap space more. Yes I like the guy because he plays with grit and so on but you play him out to be my boy for some strange reason. According to local newspaper reports here, he wasn't complaining about an extension. He wanted to play more and compete. Is that so self centered of him to want to play? Anyways I don't drink the "Trust in Pop" kool aid but I'm sure he crossed Pop in some way. If so, Pop is the president of basketball operations and it's his call in the end. I have said everyone is expendable on the Spurs except the Big 3. If you notice they are never in my awesome trade ideas!

PS...................Look up RJ's stats this year and his salary next season. SJax trade made sense.
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