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Originally Posted by bkp65 View Post
Let me be clear here. In my statement, I didn't say to put ALL blame on Popovich! Also, what did your high character guys do last year in the playoffs or any year before that? I thank the answer to that question is a big fat nothing!! I would take Jackson over those 2 scubs any day of the week, but then again, you're just one of those zombie Popovich fans who think he can't do any wrong!! Ridiculous!!
I don't think Pop did this lightly. This is not a decision on the level of Nando's minutes in last night's game. This appears to be strictly a chemistry decision. The Spurs are less talented now, but are possibly a better team. Time will tell.

The funk the Spurs have been in for the last couple weeks may be a direct symptom of this decision, or it may be completely unrelated.

I do hope that Jack is well.
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