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Originally Posted by bkp65 View Post
I don't blame Jackson for being pissed by his diminish role this year. Pop hardly played the guy. Jackson could never get into a rhythm because of Pops crazy substitutions and when Stephen was playing decent, Pop would pull him. Pops just as much to blame as Jackson!! They cut the one guy who had the balls to talk trash with opposing players and they keep guys like Bonner, Blair!! That says it all right there!! Good possibly of a first round exit!!
Ok I just want to be clear here. Instead of blaming the guy who is notorious for being a cancer in the locker room, who went into the stands to fight fans, and who had a gun at a strip club and fired off a few rounds; you want us to blame coach pop. Because he didn't give Jackson enough chances?? Pop brought Jackson back to San Antonio, did he not? Even after he left the team after the '03 championship.

Bonner and Blair are high character players, and Stephen Jackson (one of my all-time fav spurs btw) is not in a good place mentally obviously.

But no, you're right. Lets put this all on Gregg Popovich. Because he has been known to make questionable decisions regarding the roster... Ridiculous.
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