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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
While keeping a positive attitude, it is almost important to be realistic. Remember Vegas is built on the reality that there are more optimists than Mathematicians gambling there.

For the Spurs to make it to the finals, the big 3 needs to be Tim, Tony and Kawhi. Tiago and Green can't disappear like they did last year, they have to step their games up.

The 2nd unit (the two or three that get to play) can't come in with deer in headlight look and freak out, SJax needs to be consistent, Nando needs to play defense, Diaw needs to score some freaking points, and Neal, well Neal needs to be Neal of two years ago and then anything we get from Manu will be icing on the cake.

There are certain facts that can't be overlooked, Manu isn't the Manu of 5 years ago, he's more brittle, he's not to be counted on, heck when he comes back this time,how many really believe that he'll last for more than a few games? It's undeniable that there has been a steady decline in his skill set, because of how he plays the game, and if Pop thinks for a moment that Manu can suddenly regain his touch, then it's going to be another disappointing playoff run for the team.
Couldn't agree more. I've been harping on Manu for a few years, but for good reason. He's just not the same. I love what he used to be, but he's not that anymore. People here think that if he's healthy, he can be the old Manu. No, plain and simple. He really can't take anyone off the dribble anymore, his 3pt percentage has gone down, he seems to be a turnover factory at the worst possible times. I know, looking at the box score, he seems to have had a good game, but how many times in a game do you say to yourself, "Why did he do that?!?!". And remember, he was healthy last year, had some statistically good games against OKC, but he could NOT score in the last few minutes of the game. Bad shots, bad passes, etc. I will be glad if he's ready for the playoffs, because he can help in stretches, but title chances CANNOT rest on his shoulders or we will all be severely disappointed again.
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