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I'll try too translate it for you

[SIZE=+0]I try to look at the positive side and I think that while my colleagues go to the cold of Denver I am enjoying the guys at Sun. For them I am always the same, they don't know if I'm right or wrong, whether I win or lose matches. Thus, it has to be. But the truth is that from the sport this is a garron, as any rest which is not by choice. He had already said that if he had another injury I would complicate very much and was what happened. Now I am doing everything possible to get to the playoffs.*********

[SIZE=+0]The injury was in a location similar to the previous one, the ischio-tibial, but this time in the right leg. I am beginning to jog, following each step as it is, but I had an ultrasound and the tear is there, so I can still do is limited.*********

[SIZE=+0]In my personal situation, as you know, I'll be a free agent when the season is complete. In no time, there was a chance to renew before. Did Tim last year and not I nor do I. At the time I said that I wanted to play two more years, which I think is more coherent. These things like lesion **** enough. I'm not saying to have desire to retire, because it is not something serious. But one does not know how to return.*********

[SIZE=+0]When reviewing it was a harder year than usual. For me, but also for other important players on the team. Stephen Jackson and Kawhi Leonard missed more than 20 games, and Duncan and Parker, around 15. Tony, in addition, had some bumps and aches that would not let him play in recent matches, just as Boris Diaw.*********

[SIZE=+0]Watching all this, I feel that it is more meritorious to still continue fighting for no. 1 in the Western Conference, which is clearly the most difficult, with many very competitive teams. Overcome the 55 WINS is already a major achievement (we have 57), and is still the possibility of reaching 60, something that not many get.*********

[SIZE=+0]Still, one is not secured. We have five matches and some rather difficult. Outside Denver, Sacramento at home, a back to back with the Lakers and Golden State's visitors, and the latter left us with Minnesota at home.*********

[SIZE=+0]How is the fight, very couple to define the last posts, to be 1 or 2 does not change much. The range of equipment at the crossing is large. They may be Houston, Utah or the Lakers. Also Dallas, although it is more difficult. It could even be Golden State. Touch who touch is going to be very hard and the uncertainty will continue until the last game. For this reason, today, what we think is in us and we hardly look who can be a rival.*********

[SIZE=+0]Among so many setbacks, Pop is trying to draw what comes, trying to fill the absences. We are well, although we never got to the playoffs at the best time of the season, as one would like.*********

[SIZE=+0]The day I was injured in the match against the Clippers I went out as a precaution, not imagined such a bad thing. When studies showed that it was a tear, it was a hard blow. It was quite demoralizing, because even though I was not hanging by a quite good time at the game, I felt very well physically. The first five days were complicated, now I'm excited again, wanting to go back to help the team*********
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