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Originally Posted by ATHENEA View Post
Hmm Don't think OKC best minus Harden is better than Spurs' best...
I too believe that OKC will miss Harden. Whether or not the Spurs best are better than OKC best is a good debate. Having not been able to see that matchup this year is truly unfortuante. Everytime the teams played this year, one of them was always on the 2nd night of a b2b.

Spurs have shown they can beat OKC when Westbrook and Durant have big games. Beat them in playoffs last year when Harden, Westbrook and Durnat each went for 30+. This issue is the supporting cast of OKC. Ibaka (now becoming a key cog), Fisher, Collison, Perkins, etc, having big nights. Ibaka going 11-11 in playoffs, Perkins going 6-6, Fisher having 12pts last week on 4-5 shooting. THAT CAN"T HAPPEN IF THE SPURS WANT TO WIN!!

Don't double team, don't gamble and play good defense. If Westbrook and Durant go for 50 each, so be it. If they can do that for an entire series then shake hands and wish them good luck in the next round. But don't get beat by the scrubs....
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