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Can't figure out why Pop has so much trust in Joseph that he plays for over 25 minutes and the results are 3 turnovers, no defensive presence, and the team is a minus 11 points while he played, and yet Nando plays only 21 minutes no turnovers and a point spread of a plus 1.

What's the deal? I realize that Pop says 'home court doesn't matter' but the reality is team chemistry does and CJ isn't even remotely ready to be a point guard on a big time team in pressure time and Pop needs to severely limit his minutes.

On a 3 point miss by Neal that lead to a beautiful fast break by the Nuggets, Joseph was freaking standing on the baseline watching, he was under and behind the basket, no way could he have gotten back even if he wanted to.

He needs to understand he's not playing for a non-achieving team of Rick Barnes where you don't have to hustle or play defense, these are the SPURS!
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