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Originally Posted by bkp65 View Post
I don't think I have seen a more pathetic performance of basketball by the Spurs than what I saw tonight in the 4th quarter! What tops it off is a 3 on 1 fast break that turns into a Gary Neal miss 3 point shot! They don't watch it, they'll get knocked out in the first round!
that Gary Neal stuff is the norm. dude shouldn't be in the game, let alone handling the ball on a break or at all.

at best he's a situational player.

Originally Posted by tuncaboylu View Post
The team is in stand-by mode at the moment.

Without Parker-Manu-S-Jax and even Diaw, no need to talk about the game. If we're going to play without them in playoffs, yes we will be eleminated in first round. But if they will come back and ready to surge; I'm still hopeful.
the results are a bit typical, but you have to talk about the stuff that you saw from the players. one of those things was Splitter's posting up. he couldn't post up skinnier, lankier guys than him. dude starts close to the rim and gets pushed out to the FT line. doesn't matter if Duncan, Manu, TP, Jackson, Diaw are in there, if the guy can't post up against guys he should be able to that's going to cause trouble in the postseason.
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