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I'm with BK, we had injuries they had injuries but we clocked out at the start of the 4th.... the one thing that I don't get in Pop's planning is when he makes a judgement call with 12 minutes to go that this is over and throw in a bunch that doesn't usually get any time to suddenly be it.

You are not blooding someone when you take them from a cold bench to suddenly being in the hot middle, guys like Mills who never usually get time suddenly is running it against a team that has momentum against you... that deep end was dark and cold and I don't see how it helps them.

When people look at the box scores they don't automatically wisely nod to themself thinking "that looks bad but I know Pop would have made a call by then and so it was bench time".... they look and go wow the Nuggets embaressed the Spurs.

Everyone will probably say nothing in the scheme of it and rest is best etc, but two seasons ago when we did this going into the playoffs we got owned.... last year we went in with momentum and we got past some good teams.

Yes we are injured so can't be expected to march into the playoffs, but if we give up on games where there is still the chance to play into a winning position we can't expect to suddenly turn it on in the playoffs.
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