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I can’t agree with you more. When the Spurs work the ball around, particularly when you have bigs who know how to pass, it’s a thing of beauty to watch. They make it look so easy and it makes the opponent work that much more on defense, especially against those teams who like to double team or occasionally rely on a zone.

But I do have an issue with Pop and his use of the bench in the playoffs. Throughout the regular season and years past, he’s been known to experiment with different rotations and often times used the entire bench and not just when there may be a rout. I think Pop may need to expand his rotation for the playoffs and possibly avoid his standard 7-8 man set. And when most of our top 7-8 players are over 30 and recovering from past injuries and physically vulnerable, you need to utilize what got you there. We ran out of gas against OKC last year and I wouldn’t want to see that happen again.
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