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I struggled with this thought as well. But something has kind of put me at ease a little bit. We were beat up and playing the worst basketball of the season and we still beat Atlanta. We were still within arms reach of Houston, Memphis and OKC. I think the sign of a good team is when you can play like crap and still succeed. I also agree that these "knee injuries" are fine-stoppers. Over the course of 82 games, ever player in the league not named Robert Sacre has an injury that he is nursing and maybe just hasnt announced. I seriously doubt that these injuries are the cause of our limp. I am actually positive about our recent brain freezes. I think it is going to sharpen us up a little bit going into the playoffs and we will play a little more on edge. Case in point, Tiago Splitters idiotic possession during the last 5 seconds of that last game in Atlanta when we are up 4. He goofed off and didnt run the clock out, turned the ball over and then we foulded on a half court 3. That's bad basketball and all of our guys know it. And will fix it.
One final thought: IMO our biggest issue is that we play to the level of our competition. That is great when we are beat up and missing players and almost win IN OKC with their healthy roster. It is bad when we play down to our competition and lose to teams like Minnesota, Pheonix and a beaten and battered Miami Heat. We get complacent and lax on our game and it shows. So hopefully we can turn that attitude around and just play Spurs basketball and not to the level of our competition. Healthy or not, I feel better about going into the Playoffs this year then last. Everyone gave us their best shot last year because we were on such a streak. This year they are already counting us out. I love it. Please count out the greatest Power Forward of all time. Please count out Popovich. Please count out Manu Ginobili. After all, Stephen Jackson makes love to pressure.
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