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Pick the Winners game -- April 10th (Wednesday)

Games for April 10th (Wednesday)

Atlanta @ Philadelphia
Miami @ Washington
Milwaukee @ Orlando
Detroit @ Cleveland
Brooklyn @ Boston
Phoenix @ Dallas
New Orleans @ Sacramento
LA Lakers @ Portland
San Antonio @ Denver
Minnesota @ LA Clippers

*** May I have your attention again please: Just as a reminder as we come into the home stretch of the season, for those of you who play the ‘Pick the Winners game’ on a regular basis. In case you missed it, please read PJMs 3-21-2013 and his 3-30-2013 posts made in the thread entitled ‘Pick the Winners – Season Long Contest’. The thread has been stuck at the top of this forum for a number of months for your convenience. PJM had some comments regarding the upcoming Playoffs Edition and the scheduling of those who plan to play. Just a heads-up.
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