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I think that the problem isn't the big men but the fact that like every year Manu's health is a bigger key than what everyone thinks. That even when he is not peak health his second unit control is vital to "plugging anyone in".

When TP leaves we need his ability to force the D to keep all options covered to keep our spacing, he could pass drive or shoot at any point. Now while others like Neal try to do the same the experience and superior decision making ability take our offence to a higher level.

I would even be as bold to say while TP remains our MVP and TD our linchpin if Manu isn't healthy for the playoffs we will struggle to get out of the 2nd round and won't come out of the West. That is not that big a revelation as he has always been key to our sucess but people forget this when focussing on everyone else as our downfall so it is worth pointing out.
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