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The only concern I have is when are the Spurs going to get that reliable ‘big’ man who can spell Duncan effectively? :sarcasm All kidding aside, what scares me is the fact that over the last 4-5 games, the opponents have driven and dominated the lane while Duncan is on the bench. But there have been times when Pop has pulled them aside and spoken to them (very professionally) to get focused on what they’re doing and the players again play aggressively. It’s that loss of focus while the game to progressing that bothers me. That and I wish that Tiago could get off the ground when he’s supposed to, on shots around the rim and dunks. I forgot – white men can’t jump. As far as injuries go, the age factor and their drives to the rim may be catching up to TP and Manu. But Duncan seems to have captured the secret to revitalizing his play and is peaking at the right time -- he’s been downright awesome at times and has many analysts amazed by his play. I truly think TD might get some righteous consideration for MVP voting. But I sincerely hope that TD and Kawhi’s knees hold out. Hopefully the Spurs can stay healthy in the playoffs and maybe allow Will Sevening to sit out a few games
I think those knee excuses are just a way to get guys rest without a fine. I sure as heck would of liked to have got Al Jefferson and Hakim Warrick and got rid of Blair right about know! Splitter just isn't the playoff contributor we need in the twilight of TD's career. Just hope Tiago can prove me wrong and earn his next paycheck.
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