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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
we'd kill the Lakers with depth. they're plagued with injuries and score in big chunks at times, but in a really slow pace. they're on a 6-7 man rotation with banged up bodies.

if anyone's scared of the Lakers, they should be a lottery team for trying to tank to get the fast paced Rockets.

Honestly I afraid of to match with Lakers in the first round. Yes they're playing with 6-7 man rotation but in play-offs all the teams are tightening their rotation to 8 player at most. So deep rotation is not a big advantage in play-offs.(Especially in the first round)

And they have Nash-Kobe and Howard in their roster. I don't know what the health situatiıons of Meta World Peace and Gasol are, but i believe that they will be ready for play-offs. This team is old like dirt but they have gasous on their tank to make a play-off run. Moreover media attention will be on them and it's not a very good thing for us since Lakers is a media vulture. Plus that I believe that Stern wants a Miami-Lakers final too much before he croaks. (sorry resigns)

That's why I don't want Lakers match-up in the first round and I'm ready to give up HCA against OKC for that.
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