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Originally Posted by exit7 View Post
I'm watching the lakers play Dallas, and I'm wondering... Do the spurs want the #1 seed in the west? Or do they want okc to play the lakers in the first round?

They sit ginobili for the rest of the season, and they're offense in the last few minutes of these games has been horrible. Timmy and kawhi sat against Memphis. I think I would take Houston or golden state in the first round. And I still feel like we would beat either the clippers or Memphis, if Denver falls to the 4 seed.

Just a die hard spurs fan, trying to take a positive approach to this team sputtering to the end.
we'd kill the Lakers with depth. they're plagued with injuries and score in big chunks at times, but in a really slow pace. they're on a 6-7 man rotation with banged up bodies.

if anyone's scared of the Lakers, they should be a lottery team for trying to tank to get the fast paced Rockets.
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