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Blogtable: Taking Spurs Or Thunder?

Wow, how strange! People who devote their lives to analyzing Basketball talking about the importance of Manu, talking about a "down" year, instead of realizing that Manu is a bag of **** that the Spurs should disposed of as soon as they can, how strange! :sarcasm

I cannot believe the amount of disrespect he has on this forum. Even if he's having, as the text says "a down year" how could this lead to such a blind attitude. As I said before, I never saw anyone talking like this about many of the other players on the team when Manu was the one putting up big numbers and carrying the team in MANY senses and many of the others (including coaching and managerial decisions) were going against the team's success, just a couple of years from now, AFTER our last championship.
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