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Rutgers Coach makes Bobby Knight look like Saint

Rutgers needs to fire basketball coach Mike Rice after report details allegations of abusive behavior

On the day last December when he suspended basketball coach Mike Rice for three games, athletic director Tim Pernetti said, "Accountability is a vital element of the Rutgers athletics family and it is imperative our head coaches act and lead in a responsible manner."

If accountability is still vital in the Rutgers athletic family Tuesday, after ESPN's "Outside The Lines" figuratively fired basketballs at Pernetti's credibility, then school president Robert Barchi will be busy passing out pink slips. Rice needs to go, and Pernetti should be right behind him.

The video is shocking and irredeemable. Rice is shown grabbing, shoving and kicking players. He is shown throwing basketballs at them. He directs a multitude of vulgar variations of "you're a sissy" at them.

That's not coaching. That's bullying.

And for Pernetti to think that three-game December suspension – for vaguely defined reasons at the time – was enough isn't leading. That's enabling.

As coaches are fond of saying, the film don't lie. And the film showed a coach going far beyond the acceptable boundaries of acceptable interaction with his players.

As of Tuesday afternoon, when Pernetti was interviewed live by Jeremy Schaap, the AD was standing behind his coach. I will give Pernetti one sliver of credit: He hasn't used Rice's 44-51 record (16-38 in the Big East) as an excuse to fire him. Though I'm not sure why he hasn't, especially when combined with the documented abusive behavior.

Rest of story: Y! SPORTS
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