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Manu has a small mid substance tear in his hammy. Spurs are being extra careful with this for sure. The problem we have is this, without Manu as the second player that can create on his own, and for others, we become a predictable team. Against poor and even good teams, our execution may be enough. Against the elite teams, we need to have him and his creativity. Even with the recent turnover and shooting woes, he is invaluable to us with all the little things he does. And his ability to have the rock in his hands as a second option to Tony in crunch time is crucial. The Heat double teamed Tony off the pick and roll, and the rest of our guards and forwards are more catch and shoot players, or pump fake and a dribble or 2. Lets hope he heals, and is at least around to give us 20 minutes a game in the play offs.
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