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I dont think Pop is in a state of denial on this one or any other issues (bonner playing, Blair, richard jefferson,etc.,) he goes with what he has and experience, so we lost against Miami by a three pointer from Chrish Bosh, we defended Ray Allen as we were supposed to since he was going to take the shot and double team the guy, you double team someone is going to be open, Harden made his shot because and then we couldnt make ours, and can be our 6th man here? Green, Leonard, Jackson? we won games we werent suppose to win and lost game we were suppose to win, I believe in the system, we just need make it happen on the floor, we didnt have this issues at the end of the season last year, we do now and i think is just going to help us to be ready " ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN" attitude, be ready for anything, did you see Green he had the same look as last year's playoffs vs Thunder (LOST) Bonner passes a three, Leonard needs to ask for the ball more and timmy and parker need to trust him, is all we can do!
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