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Sh!t Happens.

%#%@[email protected]##[email protected]$%

Why in the world Spurs are becoming so WEAK WEAK WEAK WEAK on DEFENSE especially at the last few seconds of recent games.

Not really caring about this game result because LJ and Wade did not play even if we win so why bother, but the way Spurs are playing at the second half at home is a CONCERN!!!

Spurs must go back to what they started this season with SPURS TEAM DEFENSE!

They MUST play better and pay attention more the last few minutes of games!

Albeit maybe Spurs were over occupied by Tomorrows game PLUS LJ and Wade sitting out made Spurs think it would be an easy win so they Under played the Heat.

Still Spurs DEFENSE is soooooo WEAK now they must REBOUND and recover soon!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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