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Originally Posted by stuffedmushroomz View Post
Ok, I've said this before,

I've also noticed that his FT aren't a sure thing anymore. Manu is an emotional player and his confidence at the FT line may be affecting his whole game.

1. He is straight up or leaning forward now, he used to shoot it fading away and was much more accurate.

2. Maybe he is trying to change his game, in order to preserve himself. Every player has to in order to keep playing.

3. Isn't he a FA also, maybe Spurs Org. Hasn't offered an extension.
With good injury history, I can't see paying him no more than 3 -5 million for 2 more seasons max. I love him, but he's going to have to taper his game back and maybe start running people off screens and spotting up more.... Little less crashing into the paint, and ball handling. Ala the Tim Duncan effect.
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