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What a win and what a strong TEAM POWER!~!!!!

Spurs are Da TEAM!

TD was AMAZING! He pulled some Super Magic Powers tonight that is for sure!

That last shot was so Amazing. Timmy Duncan was Superior & Dominant!
Good to see him like that. This inspires all Spurs players to play better.

Tony played Great! He did not allow stupid distractions to take him of his game. They defended him well but he pulled through well too. He also is defending much better now. Let's hope he stays healthy for a long time.

Tiago was Super Fantastic!

Cap'n Jack was SO HUGE!

All Spurs players played very well as overall....

Sadly Manu had to re injure his hamstring. Hope he recovers soon.

Despite all Random Vicious Dunk Attacks and the level of Super Stupid Officiating with such physicality plays, Spurs proved everyone that they are the team to beat!!!!


Enough Said!

Proud of my Spurs!

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!
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