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Originally Posted by exit7 View Post
Thats all on Kawhi, not Manu. How many times does Kawhi get the ball at the top of the 3 point line and face up his defender just to swing it to someone else. Dude needs to be more aggressive.

I don't see many plays being called for Manu either, but he has never been shy about trying to make something happen. I can agree with most that Manu isn't the same player, but he put us over the top last night, and where was KY? His hesitance to drive is more concerning to me than Manu Ginobili's turnovers. BTW Tony Parker led the team in TO's with 5 last night...
that's on the coach, not either player. Leonard could probably create, but Pop is keeping with Manu even when he's dead horrible.

but let's not talk about how Pop is imperfect, that tends to rub people the wrong way.
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