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Originally Posted by mckennaspur1 View Post
Tiago would be a tough loss, without question. But he's not the guy I'd want to pay while tying up money and movement for the next 5 years. $8-10 mil per is fair. He'll get a better offer somewhere. He'll have to decide.
I agree. If Splitter goes for the big bucks, he won't find the team atmosphere elsewhere and they will expect him to produce immediately with the schema and new faces surrounding him. I wouldn't give Howard the time of day. If the Spurs were to lure him, I'd recommend lacing his contact with incentives to light a fire under him.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Spurs make a run for JJ Hickson (Portland). We saw his raw talent while he was with Cleveland and he's impressed me, particularly in the rebounding area. He's still got the youth and is gaining more game experience too. He may not satisfy others with his height (6'9") but he plays around the rim. Problem will be what does 'he' think he's worth.
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