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Originally Posted by polk View Post
The entire team - save for TP, TD and Kawhi - have seemed to be in some sort of funk over the last two weeks. Hard to explain. For example, last night Danny Green gets a steal with 1:29 left in the game and up 4pts, and decides to go 1 on 2 for a layup. Shot gets blocked and Parsons hits wide open 3 due to poor transition defense. Pull the ball out, run clock and get a good look. At minimum you are up 4 with 1:05 or so left and the chance to play solid defense which you've done for the past 6 HOU offensive possessions.

Several boneheaded plays at the most inopportune times...

Danny completely sucks finishing at the rim, so when I saw him try to take it in, I had a feeling it wouldnt be good. Danny is purely a shooter and defintely needs to work in the offseason on finishing at the rim.
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