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Originally Posted by MRJONESIII View Post
Oh boy..... 23 games, no significant injuries, and never resting your players... And still only one game ahead of us! Impressive...... Nooooooottttt!!!! Oh yeah, and they play in the east without, Rondo, Rose, Granger etc.... The gas tank will run dry.
Maybe, maybe not.
A decade ago, Duncan was probably playing a comparable number of minutes as James is now.

I do think that the team is also spending more of an effort to maintain the streak than to think long-term. The tank may not run dry prior to game 33 (or 34), but it may be an issue in the playoffs.

Pop has already come forward saying that he wouldn't want another 20 game streak. Admittedly, they are different, since the MIA streak doesn't involves playoffs. But the falloff after a super long streak could impact the team in the long run.
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