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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
I think Sixers should spend more time trying to 'improve' their lottery chances. In other words, play the young guys, and find out who's the future. No real tanking, but minimal old(er) guy playing. They've got ~15 games to see what the under-25 crowd can do.
I have to agree with you, the Sixers have a nice group of young players in Holiday, Hawes, Turner and Thad Young all under contract through next year. The Sixers have the 5th highest salary this year and if they free up Bynum's salary (16mil) and I believe they are still carrying Brand's salary this year (16mil), that will give them some hefty pocket change going into free agency along with their lottery picks (for now) of 10th, 34th and 40th. If Philly gets rid of some of their baggage and pick up some younger players along the way, under Doug Collins leadership, they might be a team on the rise. I'd like to see them clear that hurdle because Philly is rich in basketball heritage.
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