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Man Writes the Names of All 2,089 Americans Fallen in Afghanistan FROM MEMORY!

Ron White is honoring the U.S. service members who were killed in action in a very unusual way.
White, who is known as 'Mister Memory' is himself an Afghan War veteran, and he has memorized the names and ranks over all of the 2,084 Americans who have been killed in action, and he is writing the names of all of them onto a wall in front of the Alamo.

"The wall is kind of alive," he said. "Its my way of keeping the memory alive."

White has twice been named as the USA Memory Champion, and he can memorize every card in a shuffled deck of playing cards in 90 seconds, and he provides memory training to individuals and corporations.

"It took me ten months to memorize these names, and it takes me ten hours to write them all our.

White is in the middle of a sixty city tour with his Wall of Honor. He carefully writes the name of every one of the servicemen who fell in the war on the wall, as people watch and photograph. Occasionally, a fellow Afghan war veteran steps forward to shake his hand or to tell their own story.

"If I was a gifted musician, I would have probably composed a patriotic song to honor the troops," White said. "If I was an artist, I would have painted a beautiful picture or sculpted a masterpiece. Instead, I am just a guy who memorizes, and so my tribute is to memorize the names and say 'You are not forgotten'."

Rest of story:Amazing: Man Writes the Names of All 2,089 Americans Fallen in Afghanistan FROM MEMORY! | WOAI LOCAL NEWS - 1200 WOAI San Antonio's Breaking News, Traffic and
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