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I thought at the time of the trade it made zero sense for the Sixers. The Nuggets I thought made out good because they got Iggy and dumped a horrible contract in Al Harrington all in one. Lakers of course on paper did well because they got Howard. I think I blasted the Magic at the time too. But it was because a lot of those draft picks have too many conditions to them. Looking back now...........The Magic did pretty well because they got back young talent and got I think 3 first and 2 second rounders for a guy who didn't want to be there with only one year left on his deal which they lucked out because he opted in when he didn't have to. Moving Iggy was not really a bad move in my view but they needed to blow up that team. Being in the middle of the pack is the worst place to be with a sports team. It's better to be great or suck bad. I'd rather be the Charlotte Bobcats or New Orleans Hornets this summer versus the 76ers franchise right now to be honest.
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