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Is Tony Parker a better defender than we think?

Saw this on Spurs Nation, I always thought he never took a possession off on D.

Is Tony Parker a better Basketballer than we think?
by Dan McCarney

Compile a list of Tony Parker’s best attributes, and it’s likely defense wouldn’t even make the top 10.

Indeed, Danny Green and Tim Duncan both cited offensive qualities when recently asked what the Spurs are missing most during his seven-game absence. Manu Ginobili took it a step further, outright dismissing the notion that they might be suffering more on defense without their All-Star point guard.

“It shouldn’t be a problem at the defensive end,” he said after Saturday’s 119-113 victory over Cleveland. “If you are not scoring, then I would say, ‘OK, we are missing Tony.’ But at the defensive end it’s just a matter of doing it right and Cory (Joseph) is a defensive minded point guard. So I don’t think it’s about Tony.”

Maybe so.

Defense, more than any other facet of basketball, is a team effort, one an experienced, well-drilled team like the Spurs should be able to execute well without just about any single player not named Tim Duncan. Nor has Parker — saddled with the double-negative of not only being a point guard, but a European one at that — ever been confused with the likes of Bruce Bowen or Gary Payton.
But it’s defense, rather than offense, where the Spurs have suffered the biggest drop in performance.

See the rest at: Spurs Nation its hard to argue with his numbers.
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