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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
I want my real Spurs back. I don't know who I have been watching the past several games.
We are a spoiled bunch aren’t we? Reviewing my pregame predictions, I’ve got the Spurs at 66-0, not close to the 50-16 record they have now. Hopefully, those 16 losses will serve as an educational tool these guys can learn from and use before the playoffs and not something that will be an afterthought when the season is over. Any team under a .500 winning percentage is suspect to me, particularly when they have their starting point guard (Irving) out til mid-April. If they’re not in the hunt for a bottom seed (7th or 8th seed) playoff spot, then their goal is to bust someone’s butt and cause a ripple in the playoff picture. They’ve got nothing to lose now but maybe some ping pong balls in the lottery drawing positioning. As the Portland/Minnesota losses have taught me, on any given night, a team can get their game together and rollover anyone.

Spurs 105
Cavs 93
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