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As someone with ankle ligaments made out of a substance similar to shoelaces that have been left out in the weather for about 3 years, I have intimate knowledge of the various degrees of ankle injury. I have had sprains where I was able to keep playing ball in a game then was on crutches for a couple of weeks. I have had sprains that give me a slight limp for a couple days and I have had sprains where I had to be carried off the field.

I will say that it is a little odd that Parker will be out 4 weeks. I have never had a sprain that kept me out for more than 3 weeks if well wrapped; although pain and discomfort could linger for months. Of course there may be a connection between my early return to action and my ankle ligaments being so gimpy, so it doesn't surprise me the Spurs are being conservative. It should be noted that Parker was diagnosed with a grade 2 sprain, which is a partial tearing of the ligament (1 is no tear, 3 is complete tear).

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